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4 -11, April, 2017



Alliage Quintett

Daniel Gauthier, soprano saxophone
Magdalena Lapaj, alto saxophone
Asya Fateyeva, tenor saxophone
Sebastian Pottmeier, baritone saxophones
Jang Eun Bae, piano

"Alliage is irresistible and immediately captivates the audience"                                                  Stuttgarter Zeitung

Alliage Quintet - Press Quotes

"The musical level of the Alliage is phenomenal and creates a listening pleasure par excellence."

" What they are really doing is fantastic pioneer work on their instrument. In the history of the violin, for example, it was Paganini that made the violin into what it is today. And I think we can say that the Alliage have accomplished something with their saxophones that nobody else to date has."
Joseph Lendavy about the Alliage on WDR 3

" The saxophonists managed not only to sound like an orchestra, but also sound like one instrument."
Schwäbische Post

"Four saxophonists and one pianist bring plenty of life to the Paris of the Belle Epoque played with verve and virtuosity."
Deutschland Radio

"Romatic richness of sound, feathery rhythms, and enormous brilliance." Waldecker Allgemeine

"The Alliage Quintet was irresistible and immediately captivated the audience."
Stuttgartner Zeitung

"The authenticity of the musical passion of the Alliage Quintet was unmistakable. "
Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

" hat the musicians brought forth in terms of opulent sound colors, in captivating oriental magic and infatuating sensual sounds had a fascinating storytelling power and the glory of the glittering saxophone and piano nuances. It was fantastic how the saxophone colors blended together and how the pianist played her part with a powerful touch."
Badische Zeitung

"The ensemble dazzled in every respect at the highest level."

"Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov was a master at instrumentation. Yet he did not like the brand-new saxophone. Perhaps the Russian romantic would have changed his mind in face of the performance of the Alliage Quintet?"

"True mastery- already the introduction to the evening turned into an emotional and intoxicating listening experience: powerful, with total commitment and orchestral opulence."
Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

"The Alliage sounded truly like a small orchestra" Münchener Merkur "Operatic classics presented in a new guise: witty, moving and performed with mastery. Four fantastic saxophonists replace with ease an entire opera orchestra"

"And if in the tuttis one was amazed about an almost symphonic sound, the musicians also adhered to voice leading principles, allowing them to produce from their instruments a variety of timbres that ranged from a velvety stalking flute to a brassy instrumental tone."
Kölnische Rundschau

"Here again though, the playing is stunning and the four saxophonists blend beautifully. Time and again one hears a passage written for other instruments and the players here make it sound as if it was meant to be played by four saxophones"

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The ALLIAGE QUINTET is one of Europe's most creative and successful saxophone ensembles. Its characteristics can be seen in a large diversity in style, but also in the blending of different epochs and manners of playing. This is also represented in their name: "alliage" is the French term for "alloy", referring to the saxophone as an alloy of copper and zinc. In the broader sense, it stands for the musical ideal of the five musicians forming one homogeneous whole, and for their perfectly balanced playing.

The quintet was founded by Daniel Gauthier, currently the only professor for classical saxophone in Germany (Hochschule für Musik, Cologne) and the ensemble's leader and soprano. He is joined by three of today's best soloists on saxophone Hayrapet Arakelyan, alto; Simon Hamrath, tenor; and Sebastian Pottmeier, baritone. The quintet is completed by the Korean pianist Jang Eun Bae, an experienced and well-versed chamber musician.

The quintet's core repertoire consists of well-known masterpieces of all epochs, cleverly arranged for the ensemble with exceptional sensitivity. Current programs include e.g.Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Mendelssohn's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Rimski-Korsakov's Scheherazade, Carmen by Bizet and Gershwin's Porgy and Bess.

With its unique programs, the Alliage Quintet performs successfully while it straddles the fine line between subtle chamber music and sophisticated entertainment and is able to fill the major concert halls throughout Germany and the rest of Europe in addition to concerts in Turkey, the United States, Canada and Korea. In June 2015, the quintet was given the honor of performing the opening concert at the World Saxophone Congress in
Strasbourg, France.

In addition to several radio broadcastings, the ensemble has so far released four CDs, one of which ("Una voce poco fa") received the renowned ECHO Klassik award in 2005. On their second CD, "A la recherche du rêve perdu", the five musicians travelled back in time to Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone, to confront his instrument with works of his contemporaries Mendelssohn and Schumann. "Masquerade" with arrangements of J. S. Bach and re-compositions of Vivaldi's Four Seasons was released on SONY Classical. Their "Voyage Russe" recording was released (again for SONY) with a musical focus on the "Belle Epoque Russe" and was accompanied by an extensive concert tour throughout Europe. The ensemble again won the renowned ECHO Klassik award in 2014 for their fourth and most recent release "Dancing Paris".

In February 2016 they released their new cd "Fantasia" with the renowned clarinetist Sabine Meyer as guest. On the program are works by Borodin, Stravinsky, Bernstein, Shostkovitch, and Dukas.

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