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Musica ad Rhenum

Baroque Ensemble

Jed Wentz, Marion Moonen, traversi; Job ter Haar, cello; Michael Borgstede, harpsichord

"The audience was treated to witty entertainment of the highest quality -- esprit and sensuality."

Frankfurter Allgemeine

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Musica ad Rhenum won

Diapason  d'Or for

Bach Flute Sonatas!!!!



"Here is early music more fresh and lively than one normally hears, music of days gone by that today goes straight in to the heart and feet, as if it were a pop concert. "

 Frankfurter Allgemeine


Founded in 1992, the baroque ensemble Musica ad Rhenum's performance style is not only based on extensive research, but reflects the conviction that the music of the past must be interpreted in an alive and creative way. Thus critics have remarked not only on their technical prowess, but on their "exhilarating freshness" (The Times, London), their "refreshing sense of freedom" (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) and their "infectious, daring, and joyful style of music making" (Nürnberger Zeitung).

Besides touring extensively in Europe, North and South America, the group has appeared at numerous festivals, including the Styriarte Festival in Graz, Bachtage Berlin, REgnsburger Musiktage,  the Lufthansa Festival, London and the Handel Festspiele in Halle.

Musica ad Rhenum has recorded over 15 CDs for the Vanguard and NM Classic labels, including two that have won the Cini Prize. Fonoforum wrote of one these recordings: "Musica ad Rhenum lets music-making be always an exciting adventure. It is fun, it grants joy of life, gives courage to be spontaneous, and awakens one's own creativity."


It recently released the complete chamber music of Francois Couperin for the Brilliant Classics label, a 7 CD set which has sold more than 20,000 copies worldwide and had sensational reviews, the BBC in a radio programme far prefered our versio to that of Jordi Savall.  Fonoforum had this to say: "And herein can be found the strength of Musica ad Rhenum's interpretation : Seldom is French Baroque music offered with so much irresistible elan, can the structure be heard so clearly and are the melodies brought out with so much love for and attention to detail. Every measure makes it clear that the musicians are obviously very familiar with the complicated world of the "Agrémens", the embellishments.  And for their Telemann Paris Quartets recordings for Brilliant Classics, MDR-Figaro writes: "Also with these recordings Musica ad Rhenum proves that today they are one of the most interesting ensembles for early music."



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    Concerto in G Minor for ... - Vivald ... - 2007 - 2:41
    Concerto in G Minor for ... - Vivald ... - 2007 - 2:45
    Concerto in D Major for ... - Vivald ... - 2007 - 2:45
    Concerto in D Major for ... - Vivald ... - 2007 - 1:51








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