Vienna Piano Trio - Press Quotes


"…after the Haydn I felt like jumping for joy, I felt like shouting "Hurrah, there is a group for me in the universe that plays like this…" Elizabeth Kerr, Review, New Zealand Radio

"superb musicianship from this internationally acclaimed ensemble" bachtrack (Southhampton, UK)

"The fine line between agility and poetry of interpretaton that exists here is of such importance that one can only advise anyone to listen to this recording with great care." (Beethoven) The Listener

"They play like a string quartet." ensemble (Germany)

"If you were to poll the world’s music lovers as to who today’s most eminent Piano Trio might be, the Vienna Piano Trio would probably come in first." Ottawa Citizen

"Chamber Music at its finest!" (Erlangen)

"Rarely, at least to my ears, has chamber music of the 18th and 19th centuries sounded so boldly chic and engagingly modern".  The Morning Call - Lehigh

"The Vienna Piano Trio is an exciting and eminently artistic group that plays with high intensity, and the result is total satisfaction." Daily News (Palm Beach)

"Thursday's performance was ...endowed with the considerable degree of elegance for which this ensemble is famous."  Ottawa Citizen

"It is not only the phenomenal precision and the perfect teamwork that grip us here but also and above all a passionate and highly musical interpretation".  (Haydn)  Pizzicato

"...the ensemble plays to an exacting standard..." Vancouver Sun

"It would be difficult to recall hearing a piano trio as energetic and technically polished as the Vienna Piano Trio was on Sunday"... The Morning Call - Lehigh

"With astutely judged tempos and gracefully elegant phrasing throughout, these highly polished interpretations manage at the same time to convey an almost spontaneous enjoyment of the music." (Haydn) BBC Music Magazine

"The Trio devoted the second half of the program to an electrifying performance of Schubert's Trio in E flat.  As in the Mozart and Schumann works, the musicians used contradictory expectation as a kind of mining tool.  Tempos, for example, were brisk, and phrasing tended toward aggressiveness, qualities that could easily have plowed over Schubert's uncommonly rich melodies.  But instead, the same  clarity that illuminated the Mozart put Schubert's melodies in high relief, just as the hint of grittiness in Mr. Redik's playing gave the performance a breathing, organic quality."  The NY Times

“ The arts season is still young, but the Houston debut of the Vienna Piano trio will be one of the events elbowing its way to be ‘best of the year”….The performance of works of Haydn, Ravel and Schubert were fresh, lively, and insightful. The music-making was infused with anticipation and excitement. The ensemble sound was impeccably balanced and colorful. The players could have been encountering the music for the first time.” Houston Chronicle

"The performers' absolute synchronicity, their interpretation, and their unobtrusive technique enhanced each work, while violinist Wolfgang Redik and cellist Matthias Gredler drew gorgeous tones of pure pleasure from their Guadagnini instruments." Seattle-Post Intelligencer

"...The phenomenal Vienna Piano Trio... succeeded in putting together an unusually interesting collection of seldom heard works by the three composers so important to the 1900 Vienna: Mahler, Zemlinsky and Schoenberg. ... secure intonation, paired with finely-tuned and flowing articulation, is ideal for the complex expressivity of this music. .. the warm, full-blooded and at times energetic tone of these  musicians makes the compositional riches of these  works with their harmonic loops and abrupt color changes come to a full bloom." Bayrischer Rundfunk-Bayern 4 Klassik

" The evening ended with an agonizingly beautiful version of Schubert’s Trio in B-flat, Op. 99. Their performance reached heights of anguished ecstasy at times, relieved by a joyous abandon that was truly Schubertian. There are many ways to play this piece; the Vienna opted for tonal ebullience born of gently caressing every note." The Washington Post

" I have heard the Vienna Piano Trio on each of its visits here, and can say without hesitation that we find ourselves in the presence of one of the best ensembles of violin, cello and piano of today." La Presse, Montreal

" Those who have experienced the Vienna Piano trio live do know what it means to return home from a concert charged with new energy, even feeling electrified." Rondo

" Its playing marries subtle tonal control with a true chamber-musical give and take ...abiding impression of rare lyrical tenderness....has a dreamlike delicacy that no rival performance quite matches.. I suspect that when I want to hear the B-flat Trio, this fresh, intensely poetic Viennese performance will now be first off the shelves." BBC Music Magazine

" The performances were extraordinary. Every phrase of Schubert was shaped and colored with a clear sense of direction and purpose. The Beethoven was crisp and impetuous. Throughout the concert , the group’s taught control was the foundation for complete freedom of expression." San Antonio Express-News

" As the huge audience crammed into the Wigmore Hall realized, this was a notable occasion. To record details about efficient blend, technical expertise or quality timbre would be to miss the essential point, which is that the Vienna Piano Trio’s liquidity, marvelous shaping and sexy classicism in no way compromised the vigor- even the occasional bullishness- of the musical utterance." The Strad

"....all the technical facility and expressive incisiveness to become the Beaux Arts Trio of the 21st century." The Baltimore Sun            

"...tonal suavity and clearheaded stylishness...they immerse themselves in a score and project the substance in a rainbow of nuances...Ah, Vienna. The piano trio that bears your name is nurturing a distinguished tradition."  Cleveland Plain Dealer

"This youthful ensemble have rapidly established themselves as one of the finest chamber groups on the international circuit." (Beethoven, "Classical Album of the Year") London Times

"One of the world’s leading ensembles of violin, cello and piano." Washington Post

 "It was music-making at its finest." Dayton Daily News

"This disc has been impatiently awaited after the Vienna Piano Trio’s releases of Dvorak, Beethoven, and most recently, Haydn trios. And, with the ensemble’s skill at drawing the listener in to eavesdrop to a high-powered conversation among friends as impressive as ever, it is no disappointment." The Times, London

"…unrivalled performances, with daring, tonal allure and musical intelligence to spare." (Mendelssohn)
BBC Music Magazine

"Three masters of soft dynamics…Gestures and ensemble work of this group were marked by an unusual clarity and elegance." Frankfurter Allgemeine

" This is a jewel of a recording." (Mendelssohn) American Record Guide

"…bold and addictive performances." (Haydn) Gramophone

"Imagine a perfect box of Viennese chocolates. Pull out the best three and you’ve selected the Vienna Piano Trio, the best of the best." Lincoln Journal Star

"These beautiful performances should revive even the most jaded listening palate." (Beethoven) BBC Music Magazine

"A delight from start to finish…I could hardly believe that these performances could be surpassed, for they seem to encapsulate every aspect of the music to absolute perfection." (Beethoven) CD Classic

"… a rapport that makes the performances feel like a conversation among friends…they make the moody folk-flavored "Dumky" an almost transcendent experience." Washington Post

"…their empathy is as mature as their individual techniques and musicality are exceptional. They each shined in solo passage, but shined brighter still as a trio." Columbus Dispatch

"… an extremely harmonious ensemble…that leaves nothing to be desired: intensive in coloring, direct, full of elan , however never unpolished or rustic or superficial." (Dvorak) Fono Forum

"…playing of real intensity and commitment matched by absolute technical reliability"  The Strad

"On Wednesday, the Vienna Piano Trio gave a concert which made this ensemble not only the revelation of the 1995 Festival, but also one of the wonderful discoveries of the Quebec musical scenes in recent seasons." Le Soleil (Quebec)

"A hit draped in silk …Their presentation was made from one breath, the sound was homogeneous and was developed to the finest detail." Frankfurter Allgemeine

"The Vienna Piano Trio turned out to be an ensemble which offers phenomenal interpretations and which, technically accomplished , manages to bring to life an enchanting beauty of sound."  Berliner Allgemeine

" These young musicians are able to take technique for granted and concentrate on the fine points of style: silken string tones , almost telepathic rapport among the players, tantalizing little variations of tempo, pauses, subtle shifts in dynamics." Washington Post

"One of the brightest entries of the chamber music season…That the trio was formed so recently made it all the more astounding that the members were so convincingly of one mind." Philadelphia Inquirer

"Flawless presentation… with interpretations that were remarkably true to the work, full of power, and unusual range of timbre." Il Piccolo Trieste

"From the start we knew we were in for an unusual treat, and when it was all over, even the glowing adjectives did not do justice to what we had just heard." Argus (Capetown)