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About Shupp Artists Management

By now, Shupp Artists Management has been part of the interesting and rewarding music world for more than 25 years. It has meant much learning and discovery for a Mother-and-Daughter team which, thankfully, still enjoys working together! Most of the year we work from Long Island, but in the summer we find some time to do it from our rustic yet wonderful spot on the coast of Maine.

Since both of us were born in Europe and directly or indirectly are still influenced by its cultural heritage and trends, it might explain why our roster also represents some of the best Europe has to offer. This is not by design, but it developed based on what we generally search for and what intrigues and even transports us. It’s the tonal colors and textures, the silences, challenging ideas, honoring of the music itself. And not too seldom do our artists surpass what our imagination might dream of.

We both grew up studying and making music and experiencing the beauty and excitement of the concert hall and the intimacy of the house concert. We love classical music in all its forms specifically.

We have developed a reputation for bringing to the audiences of this continent programming and artistry which inspire and move. Since we believe that these qualities are so vitally important, we plan to add more years to our collaboration.

— Erica and Mona Shupp